Episode 8

Published on:

3rd Sep 2023

Life Before and After Naturalization

Join co-hosts Carlos Alberto and Karina Dominguez as they talk with Brianna Vazquez, an immigrant mother from Mexico City who grew up in a time before DACA. Brianna emphasizes that the ideas of navigating family, chasing culture, and growing up undocumented have lasting effects long after one naturalizes. Brianna is proud of all the fearless undocu folks living their dreams in ways she could have never imagined as a kid. Now she is just trying to be a good community member and a mom to her 17 year old child. She has been in her career for 12 years and in her free time enjoys reading, napping, eating, lifting, running, watching unserious tv, and fighting to destroy white supremacy and any expectations that hold us back from being who we truly are.

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Immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship is possible, but it'll take all of us to make it happen! Join co-hosts Carlos Yanez Navarro, Karina Dominguez, and Danny Orona on the Fuerte Network to talk about this moment in the immigration fight and what we can do to bring relief to 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Join us as we share our immigration journeys, news, and calls to action!
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