Episode 1

Published on:

27th Feb 2023

Teenage Arrivals

Even though the dominant narrative of migration places childhood arrivals at the forefront, we know that people migrate at every stage of life. Join us as we talk with Brenda Heredia on her migration journey, and how migrating as a young adult shaped her life.

Brenda Heredia is a California based undocumented entrepreneur and business owner, specializing in handmade candles and other homegoods under her brand quherencia

As a young adult, Brenda migrated from Mexico City to California and was asked to navigate United States Systems without speaking English- her perseverance and her strong support system led her to graduate with a double bachelors and translation certificate from the University of California- Fullerton. Her experience as a non DACA-mented individual merges with her experiences navigating institutions, and stresses the need for inclusivity of Immigrants outside of the DACA program.

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